Review by Tanishka D'Lyma
April 15, 2018


Pinch your Thumb and Three Fingers
Neha Kudchadkar
March 28-June 15, 2018
Curated by Marie DuPasquier
Mumbai Art Room, Mumbai

Our approach to technology has become very natural. Our body language has since evolved to respond more comfortably and easily to something not natural. And it all begins with a touch. Being accustomed to its basic workings, we tend to learn, play with and investigate it with our hands before our minds. All to be well informed, be in touch and communicate, we connect to devices to connect to each other. And most often that not, we prefer it that way – impersonal touch to reach a level of intimacy. It’s something that is so normal, the absurdity of it surpasses unacknowledged.  

The artist, Neha Kudchadkar, through her work talks about the relationship between the body and an object, which in this case are common technological devices. Kudchadkar explores the tactile-kinesthetic approach to these devices that is so naturally adopted by humans. ‘Body’, a project a part of the show, is a series of photographs illustrating the body under the cover of clay in its raw form. From her most famous work with clay, Pinch your Thumb and Three Fingers features her work "Hand Job". The pieces on display are works that comment on the intertwining of body and object to become extensions of the hand - for you'll never see one empty. The works are kept open and with a manual and short film instructing people how to wear the pieces thus guiding them to an experience previously felt by the artist. The space isn’t static. It enriches with each visitor and every interaction, making the work an on-going process, a product that is shared for it to come around full circle.  

Neha Kudchadkar’s creations have always been an inspiration from the relationship between her body and the art materials. The pieces show traces of her own hands and body, as she calls upon her experiences and artistic incline to guide the material before her. Ceramic, a historic material that has been so closely interwoven with our lives is what she picks up to work her intentions into being. A material fragile and malleable enough to take the shape of an idea. Its immediacy requires quick action and responses leaving time only for what is natural, the first instincts, the closest to the truth. 

Pince your Thumb and Three Fingers is a showcase of pieces resembling simplistic designs of what may seem as distorted earthen articles. The show leaves plenty of space for the viewer to unearth her or his own revelations, to introspect on their relationship with objects that have become an extended limb. The unsaid tone of the show provides no moral comment, only a neutral observation.  

Neha Kudchadkar, a Mumbai based artist, moves across a variety of mediums and forms of art that compliment and inform the other giving her an holistic view when she approaches art. Pinch your Thumb and Three Finger is Kudchadkar’s solo exhibition curated by Marie DuPasquier, founder of Display, an art space in Berlin. DuPasquier worked in Mumbai Art Room’s curatorial lab after an invitation was extended to bring about Pinch your Thumb and Three Fingers. The show is the result of a collaboration of the artist, curator, Mumbai Art Room in partnership with Pro Helvetia and Display.